Research Subjects

Our main research interests are focused on two subjects: 1) study of novel material phases induced by photo-excitation in semiconductors, such as electron-hole liquid, electron-hole plasma, and further novel quantum phases like exciton BEC, excitonic insulator (e-h BCS ) as theoretically anticipated to exist, 2) low energy electromagnetic responses in correlated electron systems, especially in their symmetry-broken ground states. By using the ultrafast laser spectroscopy technique exemplified by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy, we are investigating the dynamical behavior of phase transition phenomena through the observation of collective excitations or single particle excitations. Development of new spectroscopic technique in meV range that reveals the dynamical aspects of transport phenomena is also pursued. Currently ongoing subjects are as following.

Many-body quantum phases in electron-hole system in semiconductors
Low dimensional systems
- Carbon nanotubes
- Quasi-1D organic conductors
THz Hall effect
Optical control of superconductivity
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